The fifteenth International Festival of Jazz and Alternative Music Jazz Globus will take place in Jerusalem, from March 24th to the 28th. About 40 musicians will perform at the festival, including representatives from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Russia and the best Israeli musicians.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the first appearance of the musicians who made a revolution in the history of music. The year after that, in 1960, they became known as the Beatles. Leading world jazzmen improvised on the Beatles’ themes, which have become jazz standards. This year’s festival is dedicated to the most famous ensemble in history.

The festival will be opened by the art director, world leading master of free improvisation, composer and pianist Slava Ganelin. On the same evening will play the ensemble of Yuval Cohen, a wonderful saxophonist and representative of the world famous “Cohen’s Trio”.

The festival program this year combines traditional and nontraditional compounds, genres and trends. The trio «Wind in the Palm» is a chamber ensemble which improvise on the folklore themes of the peoples of the world. The duet “Ice Hokku” is a blend of rock, jazz, electronic and classical vocal music.

Vitaly Vladimirov, a famous Russian trombonist and performer on ethnic wind instruments, will perform with it. «Malkovsky – Sendersky Trio» unites a classical singer, a saxophonist and a multi-instrumentalist who plays organ, accordion and piano. It performs music from the Renaissance and Baroque to the 21st century.

«Alfa» ensemble represents a modern pop version of jazz, the «Gefilte Drive» ensemble plays at the crossroad between jazz and klezmer music. A virtuoso accordionist from Estonia, Kirill Adolin, and a popular Moscow singer, the leader of the “Meidelech” group, Victoria Gissen, will perform with this ensemble.

A special place in the program is occupied by the ensemble of one of the leading modern jazz bassists Ehud Ettun with the famous Italian bass player Riccardo Del Fra. In all the history of jazz, there were only a few concerts in which two bass players performed together, and now it will occur in Jerusalem.

The final day of the festival will be opened by the young musicians from the Jerusalem Conservatory «Sadna» and will be continued by the trio of virtuoso drummer Yogev Shetrit, whose performance became a sensation at several festivals in Europe and Asia. The traditional “Alliance” will complete the festival – well-known musicians will show a joint free improvisation under the guidance of Slava Ganelin.

The festival is the result of a collaboration between the Absorption Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Center for Absorption of Immigrant Artists and Returning Residents of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.

«Improvisation» – the exhibition of Michael Morgenstern

During the festival, an exhibition of paintings “Improvisation” by the famous Israeli artist Michael Morgenstern will take place at the Harmony Cultural Center.

In the center of the exhibition is the picture “Jazz”, in which the artist, an amateur and a great fan of this genre of music, knowingly conveys the characteristic plasticity of musicians. Architecture is often called “frozen music”, Morgenstern’s paintings in turn can be compared to “frozen jazz”: they are rhythmic; they have energy, alternation of moods and, most importantly, a lot of free creative improvisation.

This is what the artist himself said: “Pictures come out of nothing – birth is always painful… Using the plastic language, I can say something that I never dare to say with words”.