History of festival

01.12.2018  ●  Festival «Jazz Globus»
Festival «Jazz Globus»

Winter week in Jerusalem

01.01.2018  ●  14th «Jazz Globus»
14th «Jazz Globus»

Winter week in Jerusalem

01.01.2017  ●  Jazz-Globus Bar Mitzvah
Jazz-Globus Bar Mitzvah

13th «Jazz Globus»

12.10.2016  ●  Jazz in Jerusalem
Jazz in Jerusalem

“Jazz Globus” festival of jazz and alternative music has established itself as one of the most important events on the Israeli music scene. Every year the festival hosts leading musicians from Israel and abroad who come for a week of shows.

06.02.2016  ●  Jazz in Jerusalem
Jazz in Jerusalem

November is approaching, so soon again jazz will be heard in Jerusalem.

25.12.2008  ●  5th Jesrusalems…
5th Jesrusalems…

Less than seven years as Slava Ganelin filed Jerusalem cultural center idea of the jazz festival and it was exactly 4 years since the festival first opened, or the "Jazz Globe - 2004". The name also came up with Ganelin, meaning not the geography of settlement participants (one did not suspect then that the festival will be international), but a variety of styles - the musical globe.

5-th International Festival Jazz Globus

The first festival was held association in December 2004. Then it involved only Israeli jazzman, a fair amount of whom were new immigrants. The second festival took place exactly a year and has already become international.

For the fourth time in Jerusalem

Though the JazzGlobus festival and the young, but he has his own tradition already. One of them - the final fridzhazovy "Alliance", in which to visit the Slava Ganelin going to the festival participants wishing to play free music. At this time these were Alexei Zubov, Tatiana Komova and Gershon Vayserfirer...

25.12.2007  ●  Jazz Globus 2007
Jazz Globus 2007

The festival was held in November / December 2007. There were seven concerts in the program: 26, 28, 29 and 30 od November and 1,2 and 3 of December. All the concerts took in the Municipal Jerusalem Cultural Center (Hillel, 27). There were 90 Israeli musicians and 8 guests from USA and Russia participating. Musicians, introduced during the Festival work in many different styles of jazz, as well as in some genres related to jazz. Several ensembles and soloists performed during each concert.

Jazz Globus
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