Third day

19:30  ●  23.11.2017  ●  Thursday  ●  Third day

Hall “Harmony” (27 Hillel St., Jerusalem)
Dedication Yuri Stern

Jazz Insertion

Music in the style of jazz-funk. Pulsating rhythm, virtuosic solos, favorite melodies

Frank Oz – vocals, Yakov Muravin – piano, Gleb Zaida – the pipe, Or Sharovsky – bass-guitar, Anatoly Magdalinsky – drums, Sofia Ton – percussion; guest: Vladimir Cherepovsky – bagpipes, ethnic wind instruments

Ehud Ettun TrioJapanese pianist, laureate of international festivals, surrounded by her Israeli friends – fellow students at the American Berkeley Jazz School

Haruka Yabuno (Japan) – piano, Ehud Ettun – double bass, Nathan Blankett – drums; guest: David Alfandary – saxophones

Jazz Globus
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