Second day

19:30  ●  25.03.2019  ●  Monday  ●  Second day

Hall “Harmony” (27 Hillel St., Jerusalem)
Dedication Yuri Stern

Wind in the Palm

Philipp Barsky – celtic harp; Vladimir Cherepovsky – bagpipes, ethnic wind instruments; Ohad Katz – guitar

The trio improvisations are intertwined with the traditional melodies of Scandinavia, Ireland, Britain, France and Spain. The music combines Latin American, old Celtic and modern jazz motifs.
Riccardo Del Fra

Riccardo Del Fra (Italy) – double bass; Daniel Schwarzwald (Germany) – piano; Ehud Ettun – double bass; Nathan Blankett – drums. Special Guest: Grigory Rivkin – trumpet

Jazz Globus
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