Third day

19:30  ●  26.03.2019  ●  Tuesday  ●  Third day

Hall “Harmony” (27 Hillel St., Jerusalem)


Grigory Rivkin – trumpet; Valery Korotkov (Israel – Russia) – piano, keyboards, arrangements; Vadim Sokolik – bass guitar; Vladislav Itskovich – drums. Special guests: Anna Tabachnikov – vocals; Anastasia Boguslavskaya – saxophones

The style and the main musical idea of the ensemble: a combination of the beauty of jazz harmonies and the power of funky rhythms. The musicians have long and fruitfully cooperated with each other. The program reflects the diversity, unpredictability, beauty and recklessness of jazz.
Malkovsky – Sendersky Trio

Olga Senderskaya – vocals; Leonid Sendersky – saxophones, flute; Boris Malkovsky – organ, button accordion, piano

Jazz Globus
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