Jazz Globus 2007

The festival was held in November / December 2007. There were seven concerts in the program: 26, 28, 29 and 30 od November and 1,2 and 3 of December. All the concerts took in the Municipal Jerusalem Cultural Center (Hillel, 27). There were 90 Israeli musicians and 8 guests from USA and Russia participating. Musicians, introduced during the Festival work in many different styles of jazz, as well as in some genres related to jazz. Several ensembles and soloists performed during each concert.

4th Annual Jazz and Alternative Music Festival

Festival was organized by the Association of Jazz and Alternative Music Jazz-Globus and Jerusalem Cultural Center and was supported by Commission for Integration of Artists-Repatriates, and Municipal Absorption Administration of Jerusalem.
Significant aid was also provided by Israel – Our Home party, Mikhail Chyorny Fund, American Friends of Festival Society, Internet portal Nautilus; TV channels RTVi, Israel+, First Channel; radio stations “Reka” and Khar-Kha-Tzofim 106 FM; Art Cafe “D. Grey”,Tourist Industry Union of Russia, Moscow Center for Finishing and Decorating Works, and several Jerusalem hotels.

Advisory Board of the Festival was headed by the chairman of Israel – Our Home party, Avigdor Lieberman, and Knesset member Stas Misezhnikov. Festival Artistic Director – a world-renowned jazz musician, professor of Jerusalem Academy of Music, talented composer and pianist Slava Ganelin. Festival producer – a columnist and music critic Vladimir Mak. Director of Jerusalem Cultural Center – Ella Khodos. Creative Manager of Jerusalem Cultural Center – Eleonora Plotkina.

This year the festival was more successful and achieved a higher artistic level than the previous ones. All the musicians showed their professional skills, and all shortcomings, if any, were minuscule and caused mainly by the lack of rehearsal time. Among the participants on Jazz-Globus 2007 were not only such world class musicians, coming from the Soviet-era jazz school, as pianist Igor Bril (Russia), saxophonist Alexei Zoubov (USA), bassist Victor Fonaryov; but also a younger generation of Russian players: saxophonists Alexander and Dmitry Bril and trio “Second Approach”.
Among Israelis were such foremost musicians as Boris Gammer, Mamelo Gaetanopulos, Shimon Lipkovich, Valery Lipetz, Evgeny Maistrovsky, Mikhail Agre, Mikhail Kull, Robert Anchipolovsky, Boris Malkovsky, one of the leading Israeli jazz composers Uri Brenner, ten-year-old pianist and composer Ariel Lani, accordionist Vitaly Podolsky, guitarists Roman Alexeyev and Evgeny Pisak, vocalists Ella Alexeyeva, Simona Arones Richard Peterson and others.

For the first time, two big bands took part in the festival: Jerusalem Children Kleiman Band, with Evgeny Kleiman – artistic director and Ashkelon Big Band, with Vladimir Ostrovsky- artistic director. Alexei Zoubov, Igor, Alexander and Dmitry Bril were special guests, playing with these bands.

Guitar – violin duo (Vladimir Povolotsky – Eli Hentov) and Alek Katz successfully debuted at the festival. Rock group “Duli”, led by Anton Kucher, also performed for the first time. The festival tradition to pay tribute to classical music was honored this time again: the program “Jazz Bach” was created and performed by Alexander Sinelnikov and Gennady Litvin, soloists of “Israeli Camerata” ensemble.

One of the distinguishing features of Jazz Globus is on the spot creation of international ensembles. This time it was USA-Russian-Israeli group, which performed the program, dedicated to the memory of Michael Brecker, a great saxophonist who died in 2007. Other international ensembles, born at Jazz-Globus, were Exlibris, Old Friends, Moscow-Tel Aviv and Retro Jazz. The latter two participated with Uri Brenner in the concert, dedicated to the memory of Roman Kunsman, who passed away five years ago.
Alexei Zoubov was a guest of Jazz-Globus for the second time and it was a significant event for the festival. He performed in six concerts, played in various styles of jazz and presented several jazz interpretations of best Russian and Soviet songs.

Jazz-Globus tradition was upheld this time again when free jazz ensemble concluded the festival program. The performance of Alliance 2007 – singer Tatyana Komova (Russia), saxophonist Alexei Zoubov (USA), multi-instrumentalist Gershon Vaiserfirer and pianist Slava Ganelin – became an extraordinary event in contemporary jazz music.

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