Jubilee Jazz Globus In Jerusalem

November is approaching, so soon again jazz will be heard in Jerusalem.
In the photo: guest of festival singer Kathy Kosins (USA).

The 11 International Festival «Jazz-Globus» will be held from November 26 to December 2. Its program includes five evening concerts, at which the whole of 15 ensembles will appear, a morning concert, at which young jazz musicians will show their skills, and a jam session, at which festival participants will improvise together on the evergreen jazz themes.

The concerts will be held in the «Harmony» hall, the jam session – in the «Birman» club in the pedestrian area of Jerusalem, near the Ben Yehuda Street.

Among the participants of the festival are famous American singer Kathy Kosins;
one of the leading musicians of our time, the musical director of the festival, pianist and composer Slava Ganelin;
a brilliant trio of “Berkeley” graduates – pianist Kevin Harris, drummer Jorge Perez Albela from the US, and Israeli bassist Tal Gamlieli;
one of the best European pianists of our time Andrei Kondakov from Russia;
the original trio from Vienna under the direction of saxophonist Andrei Prozorov;
singer Anya Malkiel, winner of the jazz festivals in St. Petersburg and San Francisco;
Russian virtuoso violinist, winner of international competitions, Sergei Pospelov;
accordionist, pianist and composer Boris Malkovsky’s.

Among the others are wonderful singers Svetlana Sokolov and Faustina Abad-Sokolov;
brilliant blues singer Deborah Benasouli;
the best Israeli musicians and bandleaders Boris Gammer, Michael Agre, Robert Anchipolovsky, Gregory Ryvkin, Leonid Sendersky;
Israeli jazzmen who conquered the New York scene – Gilad Dobrecky, Gadi Stern, Elad Gellert, Yonatan Voltzok, Max Vater…

The program contains traditional jazz and fusion, classical music and free improvisation, original compositions athe nd evergreen jazz melodies.

Details: on our site and on a special page in Facebook.
Tickets to the concerts of the festival are available at the online booking office «Bravo» and the box office of «Harmony» hall before concerts.
Entrance to the jam session in the «Birman» club is free.

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